Of course she admired Peeta’s courage, she admired the fact that he was talking from the heart, that every single word that he was saying he was feeling it. But this wasn’t the time to ignore what she had told him, what she had told them. Exchanging a glance with Haymitch she knew that even the mentor not only had been taken by surprise but he also knew, was aware of the reason that was getting the escort so restless. She just wanted to leave, she wanted to get back in that train, she wanted to just analyze what had happened and find a way to fix the situation because this situation would need s fix. Not only by the words that Peeta had spoken but for the fact that he was given the families money.

             The boy seemed to be done speaking and with Katniss giving the slightly indication that she didn’t wanted to speak, Effie had almost felt relive taken over her. Almost because there was something about the girl, there was something about the way she kept glancing at Rue’s family that once again was driving Effie into a panic attack. In her mind she hoped, she hoped beyond hope that the girl wasn’t about to make anything stupid. The boy hadn’t been aware about the uprising, Effie hadn’t told him as much as she had told Katniss because she knew, she knew that the girl was the symbol of hope and she needed to know, she needed to be aware of her actions.


              Maybe that had been her mistake. “Haymitch, they need to get back, they need to just walk back here before things get worse.” She had hissed but her gaze was still glued to the screen. Why was this bad feeling still around? “I know, we can’t just go out there and pull them back inside, Katniss showed no will to talk I’m sure they will be returning soon.” Yes the girl had shown no will to talk but that had been before she had seen Rue’s family, before she had seen a mother standing there as strong as possible, with tears running down her face and Rue’s younger siblings. Even Effie would feel the need to talk if she had been standing out there and knowing how Katniss was so close to the girl…..this would be a disaster. 

She wished that she would be able to express that well as him, to have the ability of opening her heart to everyone without regretting about it later. There was so much pain, anger and regrets inside her that if she even tried to be a ‘normal’ teenager it was like opening a ‘Pandora Box’. No one could see that side of her, except for the boy waiting for the huntress to return home; even if he didn’t want to believe it everything that she was doing was for them. 

Having only one chance to say how she felt about the lost of the most caring tributes she met during the games knowing that the habitants from District eleven were not going to judge her, she could do it and somehow automatically her legs moved foward leading to the microphone right before the baker pulled away. Just some words. everything was going to be fine..


                                 She owned it to her…

                                                                         to them.

In just matter of seconds every single words of affection towards the fallen tribute’s family turned into violence from the peacekeppers towards the population. Katniss had the best intentions by expressing her true feelings and she was now held by both arms and waist as she was dragged into the city hall looking desperately at the poor man who only salute her with the sign she made showing respect to Rue. 

                                          Everything was a mess now..

                                                     …It was her fault

"Mind if I sleep here tonight?"



          “Of course not, is everything alright Katniss?”

          Such a burden, no matter what in the end there was no escape from the games, from the train. Becoming mentors, having to teach each year how to survive, having to send innocent children to the arena, to the same place they had survived. Indeed was a burden, something they would have to do for the rest of their lives or at least until another victor came from another games that is if things went normally. Her gaze was on the young woman, a girl who was forced to grow far too fast, in order to take care of her family and now due to been a survivor from the games. “I will get ready and then I will meet you with Cinna. Everything will be fine.”  Sometimes she wonder who she was trying to convince, Katniss or herself. There was no denying that a storm was indeed coming, that this year would change the rest of their lives, Effie just was unsure when but it seemed that would be soon. 


            It was her future, she had to deal with it like the way she managed everything that happened before she even noticed the baker in their games. It was no ones fault that she had such a big weight of responsabilities on her shoulders but hers, the brunette could have say no but the consecuences would have been worst than now. “It will..” Katniss mumbled trying hard to convince not only Effie but also herself. Leading to the door with her eyes locked on it she was willing to remember every comfort word that she told her to concentrate during the day. “Thanks, for everything.” The victor said with a weak smile as the automatic door opened.



"I think that calling it a hair is a rather kind way to stay polite.” She had never seen her mother wearing wigs currently but she had seen pictures and of course her father had always made sure to tease her about her previous choice of clothing. “Once a team always a team. She will be glad to hear that.”

"Effie would be more than glad to see than I’m finally being the polite woman she fought against." She bit her lip nervously. The escort was someone who somehow made the stubborn woman look at the world in a different way. Of course, she would never say it in front of her but she needed her more than anything. "I’m sure she will.."

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GtKM Meme: [1/5] favorite female characters-> Katniss Everdeen.

 ”They’ll either want to kill you, kiss you, or be you.”


She kept her grasp on her sword, her fingers

tightening every few seconds. The girl seemed
strong— especially with the bow she held in her
hands. She was easily someone Michonne 
could grow to trust and fight along side— but
making such assumptions didn’t get you
too far in the world they lived in.


The darker woman almost allowed herself
to let out a relieved sigh when seeing the
woman before her lower her bow. That 
definitely showed her to be on the nicer
side, which was something Michonne
could work with. “You don’t have a 

If there was something that she learned during
all the time she has been surviving in this horrible
world full of ‘humans’ that not caring if they were
their loved ones would eat them without remorse.
She couldn’t trust anybody right away, it was way
too dangerous. Not after what happened, without
wanting she still had nightmares as soft whimpers
escaped her lips during the night crying for the lost.

Katniss cornered, it was a do or die situation.
It was time for her to finally follow indications
because there was no way that she would
make it if the brunette stupidly attacks the taller
woman knowing that the most probable was
that she was with a group outside the place. “No…”


send me one of the following


  • "Don’t lie to me."
  • "You promised…"
  • "I thought you changed."
  • "You were supposed to be different."
  • "I trusted you!"
  • "I loved you once."
  • "This is your fault!"
  • "Tell me they’re lying."
  • "Please, don’t do this!"
  • "I don’t believe you."
  • "What have you done!?"
  • "You’re never going to change."
  • "I can’t even look at you right now."
  • "Tell me the truth!"
  • "Why won’t you look at me?"
  • "Stay away from me!"
  • "… I hate you."



[ Peeta gives his best attempt to listen to the complicated art of
tying knots. He’s always been a fast learner, and the fact that he’s
decent with his hands helps defeat the odds of him not being able

to correctly tie knots. Katniss’ short and to-the-point answers never
bothered Peeta; he’s used to doing all of the talking among them.

                         ❝ Makes sense. Which one are you better at? ❞

[ He has enough knowledge on her to be aware of her life as a hunter, although he’s never done it himself. He never took his food for granted, though, because he  was always aware that somewhere out there, she was struggling to find a meal fit for her family of three. It was tragic, and he wished he could have somehow helped the girl, but somehow he
already knew she wouldn’t accept it. Funny, how fate played its games. ]  


[ It was like if she was teaching her little sister, or the attempt to, how to do the things the brunette did every day. Though she was teaching a bit harsher than how her father would, being a teacher who might explained more than twice was not something that she would do. Everybody who bought her the preys she and the hunter caught knew that tying knots were not her strenght but she was almost as good with them like how she uses her bow. ]

                  “I never payed attention on which I’m better..”

[ Katniss had to show some kind of grattitude, without Peeta burning that bread that cost him a slap through his face Prim would be in her place right now or probaly dead as well; only thinking about that made her body flinch unconsciously. ]

Momma Everdeen || Closed with beta-isaac-lahey


"You can’t do that!" he yelled.

"Of course I can because I’m your mother." She pointed out, leading him to his room. "Now pick your essential stuff.."




    Annie slightly smiled at Katniss as she spoke about herself. “You’re not stubborn,” she replied as her eyes met her for a brief second. She didn’t think it was the right word to descrive the girl on fire. “Brave.” It was all the redhead said, slightly nodding her head. “That’s exactly what you are,” Annie reassured the brunette. She knew her words couldn’t mean much but she wanted to do her part and stop sitting around on the sidelines. Helping out in battle was clearly not an option for her — but maybe small pep-talks could be her forte. “Don’t ever think otherwise Katniss. You’re probably the bravest person here.”

         ”Believe me, there is a lot of people who would disagree with you. Incluiding myself.” Katniss chuckled looking at the redhead. “I don’t think I’m that brave as you describe me, I could have try harder in everything I did and be successful but instead I just fail miserably..” The brunette pointed out with a sigh, it was truth. Maybe if the so called ‘Girl On Fire’ tried harder on rescuing the baker before he was hijacke, they wouldn’t be in this situation.



"They are happy and that’s all that matters." Hearing about the golden tokens Iris smiled and nodded. "Mom told me a bit, that was her idea to show to everyone that you four were a team." Of course Iris understood that Katniss could be a bit out of practice but the girl couldn’t help but be curious and wish that she will eventually invite her for a little session.

        “I agree with you, they deserve to be after everything they went through. Together and by their own ways..” It made her feel relieved, after all it was her fault that both, the mentor and scort, followed her into the rebellion. “It was her idea, she had her gold hair which I always thought that suit her.” Katniss let out with a light laugh. “We are still a team, after all of this years.”

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For a moment, everything seems frozen in time. Then the apples spill to the ground and I’m blown backward into the air.